Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Getting to know JESLYN LAW

Jeslyn, also known as chilli padi instructor by our seniors at THK (BMV), is our power packed instructor !!

She is a mother of 4 adorable and beautiful children but yet looks so much younger everyday. She's full of passion, kindness and energy. She's been helping since Jan '13 and is part of the Zumba Gold J Team!

1.     Three words that best describe yourself

Sporty, Fun-loving, Easy-going

2.     What is the first thing you do in the morning?                             

Food !!!!!

3.     Are you a Dog or Cat lover?

No (but dogs and cats will love her just like how we love her passion and energy)

4.     How would you like to be known?

Unknown (Mmmm.... she wants to be a mystery undiscovered.. )

5.     What keeps you awake at night?

My children and cutting of clothes (must be designing Zumbawear !!!)

6.     How did you get to know about this volunteer activity?

Jacqueline (JQ)

7.     Name three things you like about this activity

This activity is very meaningful.

It's a great sharing session with the elderly and fellow volunteers.

It makes me happy to see elderly smile.

8.     Will you volunteer again?

Yes, because it's enjoyable and it's good to be able to share

9.     Which would most likely be your dream?

a)     Climbing Mount Everest

b)    Be a Victoria Secret Angel

c)     Fly to space

d)    Be the next President of Singapore

e)     None
10.  (Fill in the blank) I cannot live without My Family


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