Monday, 28 October 2013

Ageing Graciously and Growing Up Purposefully

Ageing Graciously

Our seniors have helped build Singapore. We must be grateful to them, and it is only right that we connect closely with them to lead healthy, socially connected, and happy lives.

Our team aims to use Zumba Gold fitness to spread the message to everyone that elderly can aged gracefully, healthily and actively.

Growing Up Purposefully

Yesterday, some of our team members were certified to become Zumba Kids/ Kids Junior Instructors. I am proud to share that we will be also spreading our Zumba love to kids, to develop them from young to be active and healthy.

Too many of our youngsters are spending much of their time on electronics gagdets and all, we hope we can use Zumba program to attract them to socialise and interact with fellow peers and get them MOVIN' away from the computer games and addiction.

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