Sunday, 13 October 2013

Getting to know JENNY KEE

Jenny Kee, our Zumba Gold Instructor who has been helping out at THK since March '13. 
A lady with a heart of gold but yet down-to-earth and pleasantly mannered.

My THK partner, member of the Zumba Gold J team and my godly sister in Christ who will always be there for the elderly. Blessed to have her and I thank God. 

1.      Three words that best describe yourself 
Simple, Pleasant & Easy-going
2.      What is the first thing you do in the morning?    
Drink Water!   
3.       Are you a Dog or Cat lover?
A Dog Lover 
4.      How would you like to be known?
5.    What keeps you awake at night?
Unfinished Tasks
6.      How did you get to know about this volunteer activity?
A fellow Zumba Gold instructor 
7.      Name three things you like about this activity
Fun, Happy and Great Workout 
8.      Will you volunteer again?
Yes, because it is my joy to see others happy and a blessing to be able to give.
9.      Which would most likely be your dream?
a.   Climbing Mount Everest
b.   Be a Victoria Secret Angel
c.   Fly to space
d.   Be the next President of Singapore
e. To live life to the fullest and to be with meaningful people coming into my life.
10.  (Fill in the blank) I cannot live without
my mobile phone... Hahahaha

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