Friday, 14 June 2013

Our V's thoughts and views: JQ

Zumba Gold activity was first introduced to THK (BMV Branch) in Nov 2012 by volunteer Jacqueline Tan.

Here's what she's got to say.

Jacqueline Tan:

"In late 2012, I started the initiative - Get Movin' for Charity to conduct the Zumba Gold program in one of THK's senior activity centre. Zumba Gold is designed primarily for the elderly, including those who have not been physically active in a while or individuals who may face physical limitations. It's also meant to be a relatively easy fitness session to get people moving and to build up their self-confidence.
Thanks to the enthusiastic and dedicated team of volunteers, this program has been very well-received by the elderly folks at THK (BMV Branch). Due to the overwhelming response, this activity has recently increased the sessions to twice per month, starting from June.
Through this movement, I was hoping to gather like-minded people to spread fun fitness to the less fortunate or needy people especially in the elderly sector (and maybe to the special needs or physically challenged in future).
My pure intention is to improve the general fitness of the ageing population in Singapore, by encouraging our elderly folks to GET MOVIN' and while we as the instructors can GET ourselves MOVIN' to help them. More importantly, it is also to convey the idea that these elderly can have FUN and JOY while keeping fit, even in their advanced years.
This may sound tough and ambitious to many. Just like in the olden days, many didn't believe in the Wright Brothers when they wanted to build an airplane so that they can fly like a bird but now aeroplane became such a great invention isn't it? Many great things started out being silly or outrageous. Some may wonder: "Who am I...  to think I can improve their quality of life?"  In fact, I do not know. But exercising indeed benefits me, it makes me feel stronger and fitter, it improves my appetite and my appearance and also build my confidence. I feel good about myself after a good workout and I want others to feel the same way too.
I am determined to contribute my little efforts to help the elders/needy/sick by improving their fitness whenever I can and also bring fun and cheer to them through exercising. I want the elders/needy to feel that they are not getting old and useless. I want the sick to feel strong and be confident when they exercise.
I have created a facebook page and a blog so that we can share our volunteering experiences with the public. This is a platform whereby I want to spread awareness of such volunteering activities and also for more volunteers to join our team. I urge that I can reach out to more fitness people to join me to make the difference too.
In time to come, I wish make this voluntary movement a success in Singapore or even other parts of the world"
God Bless

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