Sunday, 9 June 2013

Get Movin' for Charity - A voluntary initiative to gather like minded individuals to bring fitness to the less fortunate and needy people

Get Movin' for Charity - Zumba Gold Movement is started by a group of enthusiatic and passionate ZIN members.

The Zumba Gold Movement team is currently running Zumba Gold activity on a regular basis in one of the senior activity centres in THK, a non profit organisation since Nov 2012. Zumba Gold is designed primarily for the elderly, including those who have not been physically active in a while or individuals who may face physical limitations. It's also meant to be a relatively easy fitness session to get people moving and enjoy a fun time together. Thanks to the enthusiastic and dedicated team of volunteers, this program has been very well-received by the elderly folks at THK (BMV Branch). From June 2013 onwards, the frequency of this activity has increased to twice per month due to the overwelming requests from the elderly to have more fun fitness.
With the Zumba Gold Movement team making a difference in the elderly sector by getting them movin' and groovin' in the Zumba Gold program, we believe that in the long run, the fun yet simple work-out will get them healthier, happier and also build up their self-confidence over time. The idea is to improve the general fitness of the aging population in Singapore, by encouraging our elderly folks to exercise more. More importantly, it is to convey the idea that they can have FUN and JOY while keeping fit, even in their advanced years.
It is my hope that more people can join our team of volunteers in bringing the joy of fitness to the elderly, while helping them age gracefully at the same time.

Three cheers to great health and fitness for our elderly!!!!!

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Zumba love,

Jacqueline aka Jq, a regular volunteer and also a Zumba instructor, hoping to spread Zumba Fitness in the non-profit organisations in Singapore.

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