Saturday, 8 November 2014

Completed activity: THK BMV Get Movin for Charity 08 Nov 2014

Time flies……2 years ago, when we first started with a pure intention to bring free fitness program to the elderly sector, to ignite their confidence and get them active. We believe everyone needs to age actively and gracefully. We went into the senior activity centres in the neighbourhood to spread this initiative. Today we celebrated our 2nd year anniversary with healthier and fitter elderly.

They had so much fun taking photoshoots with quirky and fun props. We gave out Polaroid photos, new tops donated by kind souls and even conducted lucky draw.We are so glad to see the elderly becoming happy,cheerful and positive than they were before.

~ Somehow I feel, for the past 2 years it wasn't just fitness alone that have made them healthier, it was because we have also brought them happiness, love, care and concern ~

Friends, join us to bless someone within your neighbourhood. Do something for someone. Start your own cause or join hands with us

Photos credits to SS from Momentos photobooth.
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