Saturday, 12 July 2014

Completed SBSB and ZGold activity at THK BMV on 12 Jul 2014

Thankful to have such so many turn ups as the senior centre forgot that to put up the notification about the activity. Elderly came without being reminded...

Volunteer Annie, Zumba instructors and Super Body Super Brain (SBSB) instructor

After the first session of SBSB last 2 weeks conducted by Cyndi, we received many feedback that the session was great and they loved it. So We did another 15 mins of SBSB as warm up today. 

We did clap and tap, owl level 1 exercise and partner exercises 

Here's some pictures when they were doing the partner exercises  

Lisa leading the second half of the Zumba Gold. They loved Lisa !!!

Who says Zumba is for females ?!?!?? Look at our uncles dancing a storm here !

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