Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Penning down my thanks and also some good resolutions for 2014.

This month marks our 15th month conducting Zumba Gold at THK BMV and I am really glad that we managed to continue this initiative even when I met challenges along the way.. Afterall it wasn't all merry and smooth to get to this point. I am thankful to meet all the wonderful souls and able to obtain so much great help from the passionate and lovely instructors and volunteers . Eveyone who has helped or contributed to this activity... I hereby expressed my thanks!!!

For the past one year, there are many touching moments and milestones achieved. Upon seeing wheelchair bound uncle & auntie stood to exercise alongside with us at our activity is truly an encouraging moment for me. 

I'm so thankful that the activity is well received and seeing seniors benefited so much from this activity. 

In 2013, we have conducted 20 Zumba Gold activities at THK BMV and 2 Gold sessions at THK KB

Some Milestones:

In Aug 2013, our team was asked to participate in the President's Challenge Volunteering Drive. We are very honored to be able to meet the Mr President and share our passion about active ageing using fun fitness.

In Oct 2013, in collaboration with Central CDC and THK, we conducted Zumba Gold for over 600 elderly at MDIS campus. This event marks our first ever mega party for Zumba Gold in Singapore.

Nothing is indeed impossible for God has make it possible. We want to see people getting happier and healthier through exercising, we want to see their smiles and we want them to feel good about themselves in this ageing process.
Being a volunteer for all these years, I heard umpteen times from elders, telling me they are old and useless, which spurred me up to initiate this difference. But it's not me or anyone alone who can make this movement possible. It's the effort of the whole team. My Wonderful GET MOVIN' for CHARITY team. And I sincerely thank you❤.

First to thank Patrick and Angela who supported me to conduct Zumba Gold at their THK monthly program when I first initiated.
Thank you Cyndi Chua for agreeing to help me kickstart this.
Thank you Emily Zumba for all the support and encouragement ever.
Thank you Jenny Kee and "chilli padi" Jeslyn, my triple J partners who's been there for most of the activities and giving continuous support to keep this going.
Thanks Mona Gavankar Joanna Sor Isabel Seery Jenny Airin Lisa  Marisera Anne Hill Deliri Annie Cecelia Evonne Tay Karrayl Yu Jau Connie & friends & volunteers.. my bf Soon Sng and My Family for your continuous presence and always being there when I need them. I love the Zumba gold ❤ team. All your energy in Zumba boosts me up to continue this activity.

Thanks to the staffs in THK especially Rizak, Susan, Jessie and Patrick.

Thanks to the seniors too... Your participation and enthusiasm are the reason why we are there to conduct fun fitness!

Thanks to all the volunteers who has ever volunteered with us , you know who you are!

I hope more and more people can join us to bless and benefit even more.

In the year 2014, I hope to be able to bless more people, continue our good works and spread the message that everyone should age actively, healthily and gracefully in a fun way.



  1. Can u pls tell me where I can join this activity

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  3. Hi I am harry 22, how I can out in this activity for encouraging active ageing? I am staying at jurong but willing to travel to take part as volunteer