Saturday, 28 September 2013

Photos of Completed Activity - THK (BMV) Zumba Gold 28 Sep 2013

It was an enjoyable and fun activity this morning. Shall let the pictures do the talking...

Our compassionate volunteers guiding and leading the elderly to do some exercises.

Our instructor giving our participants two thumbs-up !!! See the Joy in their faces - Priceless.

Our exercise and enthusiasm motivated elderly to attempt to stand for a short while (with volunteer's assistance) to do some light exercises.
WE are so proud of her. Well done.

We do simple dance moves like "combing hair" which is like styling in salsa, so that elderly can relate to their daily routines

Our group picture after the activity . Everyone had a great and fun workout !
 Success and happy !!

Extra activity .... Stay tuned to find out what they are doing .... hahahah 

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