Sunday, 7 July 2013

Kind sponsor/contributor - Emily Chang

I decided to post entries and give recognition to people who had sponsored and contributed to this movement.

Since the commercement of this volunteering activity back in 2012, I have been receiving alot of help and support from many people whether they are my own personal friends or friends of friends. I am truly thankful for the people whom I met during the course of making this activity possible and now being well-received in the senior activity centres.

I want to give special thanks and credit to our kind volunteer cum Zumba instructor as well as our generous sponsor - Emily Chang. We are very blessed to get to know this fellow Zumba instructor.

Not only did she volunteers to be there with the elders for our events whenever she is free, she is also a generous and kind lady who sponsored the colourful and pretty wrist bands as gifts.

Thank you so much, Emily Chang.

The colorful wrist bands

The pretty Zumba wrist bands with bells. The elderly love them.

Our lovely Emily Chang

Emily Chang with Jacqueline, the initiator of Get Movin' for Charity

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